News January 2022

Greetings from Panamá!

We started building the feeding center last August. The same will also be used for Sunday School classes and Junior Church on Sundays. Praise the Lord, we are excited to announce that we have finished with this project mid- February.

We are having all of our services and ministries that we have had before.

Early January I (Rafael) contracted the covid virus. I was the
only one who came down with it, and it got me hard. I was out for 18 days. I am grateful to God for His healing and provisions. I still have some issues that I am still dealing with but each day they are less and less.

We ask for prayers for Evelyn. The same time I was sick with covid, she had an accident damaging one of the ligaments in her knee. It required a trip to the hospital and a cast for four weeks. The cast has been removed. She now must use a knee brace for another two weeks. She just started physical therapy. She has eight more sessions to go. We are praying for complete healing.

The church has been growing and there is a great spirit. An interesting turn of events, our church is becoming bilingual. Panamá has a big expat population, people who have retired or simply just moved to Panama from the USA. We have been having up to six families and they even are bringing visitors. I have been preaching in Spanish and English. It was not our intention to start an english ministry or have bilingual services, but it appears it is the door that God is opening and if He sends them to our church, we are more than happy to expand. To God be the glory.

We are preparing for this year as more and more people are starting to venture out. We have many visiting groups scheduled throughout the year. It is exciting to see the interest that many churches have to come visit and serve.

Panama is going back to school in a couple of weeks. School this year will be in-person. We will see how it goes as everything transitions back from being virtual for the last two years. Mask use is still mandatory.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support. May God have the glory in all that we do as we work together to reach more souls for Christ.

Your servants,
Rafael, Tracy and Family

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