Feeding Centers

Help Us Spread the Gospel in Panama!!

With the help of Manna Worldwide Ministries and the sponsorship and support of New Life Baptist Church in Alabama and The Quest Church Texas we operate two Feeding Centers here in Panama Monday-Friday we feed children and then teach them a Bible story presenting the Gospel. The parents are also encouraged to come to church. Many children and parents have been reached through this ministry.

Not only are we always looking for little mouths to feed but we are also looking for those who want to be a blessing to others.

There are many ways that YOU can be a blessing to these little ones:
• By giving your time…come and visit us and work with these children giving them love and encouragement
• By giving a donation…there are a few things that we are constantly needing:
– replace kitchen utensils
– buy clothes/shoes for the children
– help provide some school supplies for those who have nothing
– help provide medicine, vitamins, etc.
• By Giving your time and donation…by giving your time and donations you could come and help us give the feeding center a “makeover”.

There is always a need of giving the feeding center a makeover”, whether building or buying new chairs and tables, fixing walls, painting and decorating, installing fans, fixing plumbing, etc.

Be a part in making a difference in the lives of others!

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