August 2013

August 2013

Dear Pastor & Friends,

The Rodriguez Family reporting from Panama! We appreciate your faithful prayers and support for our family and the ministry that the Lord has given to us in Panama.

The Lord has continued to work in a mighty way in Dolega, Panama! We are seeing souls being saved and lives changed on a regular basis. The population is growing in our district and there is MUCH work still to be done! Our attendance is steadily climbing…some people have stayed, some have gone but what excites us is to see spiritual growth in the ones that have allowed Christ to work personally in their lives.

As you remember, in July, we had to vacate the upstairs of the two-story building that we have been renting for the last eight years. We have re-located all the children’s sunday school classes to a church member’s house who has so graciously opened her house to us. We also re-located the feeding center to another building that we are able to rent monthly. We do not know for how much longer we will be allowed to continue to rent the bottom part of the building; the word on the street is that the owner wants to sell to other people.

In the meantime, we have searched for options: land, buildings, land & buildings. We have seen the Lord  close doors and open doors. Right now we are in the waiting mode. There are a few options open to us that we are currently praying on and asking the Lord to guide and provide. We have decided to schedule a trip to the states with the sole purpose of visiting as many churches that time will allow and ask for help raising the money needed to buy land. Our departure is scheduled for the middle of September of 2013.

If you are interested in having us at your church, please contact me via email: or you may call me at (507) 6430-2523 (cell with me at all times) or you can call me at home on our stateside number (Magic Jack) 941-313-9520.

Thank you and God bless you!

Your Servants in Panama


Rafael, Tracy, Evelyn, Emily, Rafael Jr., & Elisabeth Rodriguez

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