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Digital Printing For Christ

It has always been a desire of mine to be able to help spread the gospel throughout all of Panama and at the same time be a blessing to the other national pastors in Panama. What better way to reach Panama for Christ than through printing gospel tracts that are to be distributed all over the country.

Many times I have been blessed by churches in the states that have printed gospel tracts free for our ministry in Panama. I praise the Lord for those blessings and for being able to have those contacts but I can’t help to think of my fellow national pastors who do not have those contacts and much less the money to even have any gospel tracts for their own churches to distribute.

After much prayer we decided to buy a $12,000 printer and for years we have been able to offer gospel tracts to national pastors for cost price or in some cases FREE. We also design and print other material such as flyers for special occasions (VBS, Conferences, etc…) at prices much cheaper than any print shop here in Panama.

Through this ministry we have also been able to be a blessing to different missionaries all over by designing and printing their prayer cards. If the missionary is passing through Panama we will print them for them but sometimes we have received requests from missionaries abroad asking for us to design them a card and they get them printed where they live.

The purpose of this ministry is to help further the gospel in Panama and all the world and at the same time we are able to be a blessing to pastors who do not have the means or the contacts to have gospel tracts printed elsewhere.

Other services we offer to the churches for free or cost price through the printing ministry include web pages and missionary presentations.

Ways YOU can help reach Panama for Christ
1) Give a one-time gift of any amount.
2) Sponsor a church with 1,000 tracts for $50 (the cost to print 1,000 tracts).
3) Sponsor the printing ministry monthly with a monthly gift of any amount.
This printing ministry is a step of faith ministry; we do not receive special funding for this ministry; we just do it by faith praying for the Lord to supply the needs.

Special Needs and Prayer Requests
1. A camera ($600-$1,000)
2. Another full-color printer
3. We are looking to rent an office where we can set up (we are currently working out of our home).
4. Donations and support to be able to pay for the paper, ink, and other necessary supplies
5. Professional paper cutter (we cut manually).
6. A desktop computer to be used specifically for designing ($800-$1,000).

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