Meet Our Family

From our sending Church 

Hello! We are the Rodriguez Family: Rafael, Tracy and our children Evelyn, Emily, Rafael Jr. and Elisabeth. We started a church in Dolega in September 2005.

Some of our ministries include a MANNA Children’s Feeding Center (sponsored by New Life Baptist Church) and a printing ministry-Digital Printing for Christ.

The New Life Baptist Feeding Center is an opportunity to feed 35 children, of low or no-income, lunch 5 days a week. Along with the food we also teach them a Bible lesson and encourage them and their families to come to church. For more information, please visit or the host church at
The Printing Ministry is a ministry where we supply gospel tracts to pastors and missionaries for as little as cost price or if necessary for free.

Some of our goals are to start more feeding centers, an orphanage, a prison ministry and to start more churches!
We are having a great time serving the Lord in Panama. Come see what the Lord is doing in Panama!

  • Elisabeth Rodriguez

    Elisabeth was born on December 16, 2012 in Panama. Elisabeth Hope shares her birthday with her older sister Emily. Her main job is to destroy everything, she really likes her oldest sister Evelyn and she goes with daddy all the time except when she is hungry!

  • Rafael Rodriguez Jr

    Rafael Geovany, was born on August 19, 2009 in Panama. He loves his little sister too much. He enjoys passing out tracts. He doesn't like to wear shoes so he walks every where without shoes. He likes cars, spider man and plays base ball and soccer. You don't ever know what he's going to come up with, he is a man of his own!

  • Emily Rodriguez

    Emily Grace was born on December 16, 2006 in Panama. She is our free spirited one. She likes to jump everywhere and is an inventor of words. We call her "Mimi". She shares her birthday with her little sister. She doesn't like to do school. She loves her new puppy Dusty.

  • Evelyn Rodriguez

    Evelyn Faith was born on October 22, 2004 in Elgin, IL. Evelyn is the "Momma" of the kids. She loves to sing, teach, hand out tracts and whatever she does has to be perfect. She is a perfectionist. She loves to learn new things but she doesn't like school. She is not afraid to sing in public or to speak.

  • Tracy Rodriguez

    Tracy was born on September 30th in NY. She grew up in Florida. She graduated from Landmark Baptist College in Florida with a degree in Mission and Secondary Education. She likes to spend time with her husband and kids but also enjoys some alone time once in a while! She love to live in Panama but does miss her Dr. Pepper.

  • Rafael Rodriguez

    Rafael Geovany was born on April 10th in Panama. He graduated from Fires of Evangelism/Providence Baptist College with a Pastoral Theology degree. He likes to preach God's Word, help people and enjoys to see people's lives change! He also likes computers, graphic designs, photography and technology!